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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Richmond Mayor's Comparison Of Chevron Ecuador To Refinery Accident Is Crazy

Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin has Petroecuador Oil on her hands
Richmond Mayor says Chevron Ecuador compares to Chevron Oil Refinery Accident?

Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin can’t resist acting like an irresponsible and unknowing political activist, even in her role as the Mayor of Richmond. (Bet she doesn’t know that oil on her gloves in that Contra Costa Times photo came from the state-run Petroecuador’s many oil spills! The Mayor of Richmond thinks it’s Chevron, and doesn’t know she’s being made a fool of, but more about that later.)

Even though Chevron launched an unprecedented $15 million community program for Richmond, California just two weeks ago, that didn’t stop her from holding a mini-protest at Richmond City Hall including 25 people on Tuesday morning, the first day of the Chevron vs. Steven Donziger RICO trial in New York City.

Chevron vs. Steven Donziger is a big-deal case that, if Chevron wins, will mean that Steven Donziger and Ecuador can’t collect on the $19 billion, fraudulently arrived at judgment thrown down in an Ecuador court in 2012. Because Chevron has no assets in Ecuador, both Steven Donziger, and President Rafael Correa (who’s involvement proves that Amazon Watch either lied about or did not know Ecuador’s government was a party to the lawsuit) have been on a global hunt to get a hold of Chevron assets anywhere in the World.

So far, they’ve failed. Read why at Zennie62.com, here: Chevron Ecuador: Richmond Mayor's Comparison To Refinery Accident Is Crazy


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