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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Racist Obama Rodeo Clown At Missouri State Fair

This story of a Racist Obama Rodeo Clown at the Missouri State Fair will upset you. Or it should if you have morals.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chevron Statement On Richmond Fire Settlement

This is Chevron's Statement on the Richmond Fire Matter:
Chevron U.S.A. has resolved this matter by agreement with the offices of the Contra Costa County District Attorney and the Attorney General of the State of California, and approved by the Superior Court of Contra Costa County. We are committed to continuous improvement in process safety and reliability at the refinery. · Since the fire, we have worked to address issues identified in our investigation report, and by the U.S. Chemical Safety Board and CAL-OSHA. · We have worked more than 1.9 million hours over 259 days to repair and improve the Crude Unit. · We have reimbursed community members and local government agencies in Richmond and West Contra Costa County for medical and response-related costs. · We are conducting a comprehensive inspection of our refinery. To date, we have inspected over 16,000 individual piping components. We are also implementing a multi-million-dollar expansion of our air-monitoring system to include several sites in the surrounding communities.
Stay tuned.

Welcome To Richmond Focus Blog

Welcome to a new blog, this one called Richmond Focus Blog. The idea here is to catch blog posts about what's happening of note in Richmond, California. It's that simple. New restaurants, business, and political issues. Even local sports. All of it will be here. With that, let's get started.

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